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Prediction Game: Survivor 40
Point Structure
Challenge Points

Wins Reward Challenge: 5 Points

Wins Immunity Challenge: 10 Points

Wins Combined Immunity/Reward Challenge: 15 Points (1st) ~ 10 Points (2nd)


Secret Advantage & Idol Points

Obtains Secret Advantage Or Idol*: 5 Points

Idol Play: # of voided votes * 2


Voting Points

Voted in Majority + Survived: # of identical votes (including own) + # of votes received

Voted in Minority + Survived: -# of identical votes (including own) + # of votes received

Voted in Minority + Voted Out: -# of identical votes (including own) - # of votes received

Did Not Vote + Survived: # of votes received

Did Not Vote + Voted Out: -# of votes received

Tied Vote: In the event of a tied vote, no voting points are given out based on the initial votes.

Forced Unanimous Decision: The castaways voted out receives '-# of Castaways deciding.'.

Out by Rocks: -# of vulnerable castaways

Medical Evacuation: -25% of accumulated points

Quit: -50% of accumulated points


Edge of Extinction

Wins Challenge to Return to Game: 10 Points



Each Vote Received: 5 Points

Win Firemaking Challenge: 5 Points

Lose Firemaking Challenge: -5 Points


Note: This was the point structure in the past Game Changers season.

One change made was awarding the returning players from Edge of Extinction 10 points.

Points will not be awarded based on Fire Tokens.

Players on Edge of Extinction only receive points for advantages and idols that they keep.

*In episode 2, this was changed from just idols to all secret advantages that could directly influence tribal council.

*If a full advantage needs to be split between multiple recipients, the additional recipients will receive a percentage of the points.